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Experience the next wave of Virtual Reality at OMNI Funplex! Hologate Virtual Reality is here and features two adrenaline-pumping game modes:

Cold Clash: A Virtual Snowball Fight Adventure!

Experience a snow ball fight like never before. Maneuver your hovercraft on a frozen lake to collect golden coins, but watch out for your opponents and the crazy yeti as they both shoot icy snowballs at you. Seek out the power-ups to give your snowball shooting, super powers. This family friendly game will entice you with it´s cute and unique look and is a guaranteed virtual reality party smash. Oh, one last thing… beware of the yellow snowballs.

Simurai: Futuristic Battle Simulation

Simurai is a team-based cooperative shooter game that will challenge all your skills. Together with up to 4 players, your mission is to defend a futuristic base. Work together as a team to fend off waves of menacing alien mech-spiders, robots, and drones to prepare yourselves to defeat bigger enemies like the giant Sumo-Bot and the mighty Dragon-Boss.  Power-ups will transform your blaster and give you special powers.

Unique, Seamless Game-play

When you put on the VR headset, you are immediately transported to a new world; a new reality. Depending on the game mode selected, you either work together or compete head-to-head for the high score. The intense graphics on the 90-fps headset make every motion feel real; no lagging, no buffering, and no motion sickness. The open-air layout of the VR Arena allows spectators to see the players and take in the action on the monitors above the playing space.